Button Placket On Hannah

Lately my Pinterest account has been flooded with adorable hoodies and I just cant look away!

Then i saw this fantastic striped hoodie with a Button Placket

First thought was "I could make that" and the next was Sonia Estep Designs Hannah would be perfect! (Still need the pattern? get your copy here) so now i am going to share how i did it with you!

You ready!?

The pocket construction is the same as written. For the measurement in Placket construction Step 1 I used 7". You could choose a different length just swap out your number in this tutorial. So 7 minus 3 equals 4. I then added the 1/2 inch as instructed in Step 2. When cutting the interfacing, I cut it at 1.5 inches in width instead if the recommended 1". So the interfacing will be 1.5" x 4.5.

Step 3 and 4 are completed as instructed. In Step 5 your line is drawn at 1/2 inch from center line creating a rectangle that is 4" x 1".

complete steps 6 through 8 as instructed. Continue following the Hood/ Collar instructions for Hannah until you complete step 4. we will then skip ahead to step 11 and continue on until step 14. Step 15 you will still place the hood/collar right sides together and sew however we will start at the top front collar as we will not be sandwiching a zipper here. Turn the hood/collar inside right and press.

For the placket construction you will need 2, 8"x 2.75" pieces of main fabric and interfacing. Press the interfacing to the wrong side of both of the placket fabric pieces. using a marking tool (I prefer a heat erase pen like this one) mark a line at 1/4" from the left side of the placket, then again at 1" from that mark twice, leaving 1/2" on the right side. Draw a line 1/2" from the top and bottom placket. Mirror these markings on the 2nd placket piece. Press each of those lines, wrong sides together and open up creating a memory line. trim away the bottom outer corners of the placket

Pin or clip the placket piece to the opening you made for the placket earlier, with the 1/4" side lined up with the edge and the placket overhanging 1/2" at the top and 1/2" at the bottom. Sew. repeat on the opposite side. For this next part i LOVE wash away wondertape. (this is what i use) Starting on the wearers right, Fold the bottom memory fold up and the top fold down, you can pin, clip or use wondertape to hold this in place. Fold the outer edge in (the 1/2" fold) and clip, or tape in place. Tape the little triangle, at the bottom of the placket opening on the bodice, to the bottom of the placket

and wrap the placket around it, don't be afraid to use lots of tape to hold this in place (or pins). Topstitch across the top and down the outer edge of the placket.

Now repeat with the placket on the wearers left, only there will not be a triangle to sandwich and you will topstitch along the bottom as well as the top and the outer edge. press both plackets well. Topstitch along the placket, up around the hood and along the other placket. Now is a great time to add buttonholes! I placed mine on the wearers right placket, 1/2" inch from the top then at 2.5" and at 4.5" from the top. Layer the buttonhole placket over the left and pin or clip in place. sew and "X" through both plackets with a square around them at the bottom of the placket. Attach buttons to other placket and carefully open the buttonholes.

Complete your Hannah per instructions and show it off!


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