Short Sleeve Hannah

I love a cozy Hannah hoodie, but it is starting to warm up a little and I can't wear them all Spring and Summer. So I decided to hack the pattern to have short sleeves!

I chose double brushed poly from So Sew English.

The first thing you want to do is decide how long you want your sleeves to be. I wanted more of an elbow length, so I measured from my shoulder to where I wanted it to hit (minus 2" for the cuff) and ended up with a length of 11".

Take your sleeve pattern piece and draw a line 11" down (or your preferred measurement). Now you have a short sleeve cut line! But you aren't quite done with measuring yet...we need cuffs for our sleeves! You will measure the bottom of your sleeve and multiply that number by 85% and I chose to do a height of 5", so my cuffs ended up being 12.75"w x 5"h. Cut your fabric!

Now you just follow the pattern as instructed! This is the part where it all went wrong for me and I became best friends with my seam ripper! LOL

Every part of this top has been seam ripped at least once and I actually remade the front because the zipper was so bad! But I am stubborn and had this beauty in my I was not going to give up on it! Now I have the most beautiful, light-weight Hannah to wear all Spring and Summer! And because the whole thing was a struggle, we might as well end with a struggle too! It has been windy here and I ended up with a lot of pictures like this one! Oh well, my short sleeve Hannah is awesome!

Thanks for joining me!

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