Hollywood - Off the Shoulder

Today I'm going to show you how to really "glam up" your Hollywood with a ridiculously simple hack to make the bodice off the shoulder! (I promise, it's one of the easiest hacks I've ever done.)

There are a few "gotchas" that I will point out now and point out again when we get to that point in the instructions:
1) Make sure you are using a fabric with good stretch and good recovery. The neck opening will need to be able to stretch over your hips.
2) ***Cut your back and front bodice pieces as mirrors of each other!***

Let's get started!

1) Place your front bodice on a piece of tracing paper. NOTE - this should be your fully adjusted bodice. If you need to do an FBA, lengthen/shorten, or make any other custom fit adjustments they should be done prior to starting this tutorial.

Trace the outside of the pattern as marked in red. Extend your shoulder as shown by the magenta line. This amount will be unique to every person. I recommend measuring the distance between your shoulder apex and the base of your neck. I have wide shoulders, and that measurement for me was 5 inches. So my magenta and red shoulder line together are 5 inches wide.

2) Gently fold your bodice in half until the side seams line up and trace the side seam up to the armscye on the side of the bodice that will not have a shoulder.

3) Take your bodice piece and use the existing neck line to trace the curve of your one shoulder neck line. (You could also do this free-handed or with a french curve, but I like using the pattern piece I already have in front of me.)

Your front bodice piece is now complete!

4) Place your back bodice piece onto a piece of tracing paper. Trace the outside of the pattern as marked in red. Extend your shoulder as shown by the magenta line (this should be extended by the identical amount used in step one). And yes, you should trace the center fold line.

5) I forgot to photograph this step (sorry!), but I'm going to use the photo from the previous step with some lines to explain what I'm doing. Flip your back bodice along the center line so it is face down. Trace the remainder of the waist line and the full side seam as shown in red below.

6) Trace your back neckline curve - again you can use your front bodice piece, a french curve, or simply draw it yourself.

Your back bodice piece is now complete!

7) Cut your front and back bodice pieces. YOU MUST REMEMBER TO CUT THESE AS MIRROR IMAGES.

8) With right sides together, sew the shoulder seam and side seams.

9) Measure the circumference of both your armscye (yellow) and neckline (green). Cut bands for each opening. The measurement for your bands will be 1.75 inches wide by 85% of the opening.


10) Attach bands and proceed with the tutorial for Hollywood to attach your bodice to the bottom of your romper!


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