Hollywood in Mexico!

Snow is officially here and if you live in Chicago, like me, you are already tired of the cold. Our first snow was on Halloween and since then it was just cold. Usually around the end of January we escape to somewhere warm because the cold just drags around for way to long. Vacations in the winter mean exactly one thing- you need a quick new wardrobe. I applied to test Hollywood, and was chosen. The pattern was perfect for this trip. Who doesn’t need a romper for dinners out? The pattern, Hollywood, comes with a few options as far as sleeve length and bottom lengths. The first version I did was the sleeves with shorts. Such a cute match for taking a stroll on the beach in the afternoon or for over the swimsuit when going out to lunch. I decided I wanted to change the bottoms for a more fitted look and remove the sleeves to make it more comfortable in hot weather.

I will go over how I changed the pants to joggers. Before I start that, you will first need to find a pair of joggers you really love. I have a favorite pair that I always wear and decided to use that. I cut out the shorts option (you will need both front and back) from the pattern and placed it on white paper, taped it and then added more white sheets of paper to lengthen the pattern.

Then I placed the joggers matching up the crotch curves on top of the sheets. You will need to do this for the front and the back pieces. I started with the back. You will need a pencil to draw new lines from the shorts down the joggers leg. Make sure you add .25 seam allowance to both sides so they are not to tight. Here is also where you want to decide if you are adding cuffs or will hem the bottom. Take that into consideration when drawing closer to the bottom.

Once you finish drawing new lines for both sides and both the front and back pieces you will cut them out.

I decided on cuffs. You will make another pattern piece. You need a sheet of paper. Trace the current ones. Then, I measured my current ones and added a seam allowance. I doubled the measurements so you can cut on the fold. My cuffs were almost at 2.5 inches so they doubled to about 5 inches with the seam allowance. I cut them 6 inches in width as my current pair had that measurement. Then you cut it out and sew the pants per the tutorial. Once you get to the cuffs you fold them and serge the end to make a circle and then attach to the joggers.

I also added a tank band by measuring the opening where you add your sleeve. I multiplied that by 85% to make a band. I wanted mine thinner but you can choose your width. I made mine only 1 inch in width by 15.5 length. I have found that The thinner the band is the harder it is to serge so keep that in mind since you have so little fabric in width. Most bands are about 1.5-2 inches in width. Once the bands are complete you are done. Now I have the perfect romper with joggers pants for my dinner next week in Mexico.


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