Full zip Hannah hack

Step by step instructions to make a jacket style Hannah.

Step 1:  Cut all pieces as directed except the front bodice and waistband. Cut the front bodice as 2 mirror images and cut the waistband on the fold.

You will need a separating zipper 22-26 inches depending on the size you are making. *I used a 24 inch zipper for size 18

Step 2: Follow pattern steps for shoulder seams, hood and armbands.

Step 3: Add sleeves, sew side seam and add cuffs to sleeve. Follow original pattern for these steps.

Step 4: Mark center back of jacket and center of waistband. Clip the waistband to the bodice at the back and front opening. Clip 1x1 for about 2 inches on either side of the front pieces. Then stretch to fit the remaining waistband.

Step 5: Attach the hood. You will sew the lining and main piece together before this step.

Step 6: Lay your zipper next to the front bodice piece to make sure the zipper is the correct size. If the zipper is too short this is the time to adjust the hood. You can do that by folding the lining and main hood inside itself to make the hood rise smaller.

Step 7: Clip the front piece together making sure the hood and waistband seams match up.

Step 8: Baste and press seam open.

Step 9: Pin zipper down. Be sure the teeth of the zipper line up with the seam.

Step 10: Sew zipper. Start a little ways up from the bottom of the zipper stop. Sew up one side to 2 inches below the top of the zipper. Sew the other size of the zipper.

Step 11: Remove basting stitch and sew the top and bottom where you had not sewn before. Make for sure the zipper pull is out of the way.

And that’s it!! I hope you enjoy this hack.

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