Colorblocking the Hannah Sleeve (#scrapbuster!)

I'm going to show you a fast and simple way to add just a tiny bit of contrast to your Hannah (or any shirt for that matter). You don't have to cut your paper pattern and it takes such a tiny amount of fabric that you can give your favorite scraps some new life!

Colorblocking is SO easy. You just need to factor in your seam allowance. That does require some simple math, but if you don't want to do the math and like the location and size of my stripe, you can just follow my exact measurements below!

If you are working on a cutting mat, start by laying your sleeves out with the armscye points lined up. I lay my sleeves on top of each other and only do all of this once, working on 2 layers simultaneously. (The clips are not relevant to the tutorial, they are just marking which side of the armscye is the front.)

I wanted my stripe to start 1 inch from my armscye so I measured down 1 1/4 inches to account for seam allowance. I used my cutting mat to measure the 1 1/4, but if you are not using a cutting mat, make sure you measure the same distance down from each side or your stripe will not match up at the seam.

Cut along this line.

Determine how wide you want your stripe to be. I wanted my stripe to be 3 inches wide so I lined up my ruler 2 1/2 inches below the previous cut line. (Humor me on this, you will see how the math works out below. Just cut 1/2 inch less than you want your finished stripe to be.)

Cut along this line.

You will now use this cut out piece as the template for your stripe!

Lay your stripe template down on the fabric you want to use for your stripe. (Again, I work in double layers here doing both stripes simultaneously.)

Measure 1/2 inch from each long edge. 1/4 inch will be cut off when you sew it and the other 1/4 inch will give you the length back that you are losing when you sew to the original sleeve. Your new stripe will be a total of 1 inch taller than the stripe template - in my example 3 1/2 inches.

Cut along these lines.

Now that you have the stripe sized properly, follow the angle of the template piece and cut your stripe fabric following those angles.

Insert your new stripes into the original sleeve and stitch into place using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Enjoy your customized, scrapbusting Hannah!

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  • Linda Beckstedt on

    This is wonderful! Thanks! I am new to garment sewing and I can’t wait to try this.πŸ‘

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