Athletic Maggie

Who loves Maggie? I sure do! 

Don't know Maggie?  Check her out! 

Maggie is a simple tank with curved or straight hem and the sister to Magnolia which includes sleeves. Both of these patterns are FREE.  (Code available in Facebook group
So now I hope you have grabbed these fantastic patterns you can play along on this fun hack. If you want to add a hood to your top you will need the Hannah Add on pattern as well but you don't have to add a hood. 
I have a hacking problem. Good news for you is I love sharing them!
That being said this is my Athletic Maggie.
Pocket for phone, cash, snacks really whatever you want. And a fun hood and drawstring hem. 
What you will need is:
  • Maggie pattern (printed or projected) 
  • Zipper 8" or longer can be shorted 
  • Interfacing about 1/4 yard
  • Optional 2 grommets 1/4 to 1/2 will work. 
  • Pre-made drawstring or you can make your own about 20" longer then your hip measurement
If making the pocket option I recommend a Athletic fabric with good recovery. 
Any one of these extra options can be omitted so pick what you want! I recommend reading this blog all the way through before starting your project 
Drawstring bottom:
Cut your Maggie from shoulder to shorten/lengthen line as you normally would (grade where needed and make any personal fit adjustments). Then blend out 2 sizes from your size at the hip
 -  ex. I have a size 8 hip i blended to a 12
Pattern already printed?  Blend out to about 3/4 inch past your pattern at the hip. 
Add 1 inch length at straight hem option to accommodate drawstring casing. 
Cut back with the same adjustments. 
You do not need bands.
Non drawstring option
Cut front and back as you normally would grading where needed and making any personal fit adjustments. 
Zipper Pocket
Cut 1 rectangle 9"x 6" for pocket and another 8"x1.5" for zipper facing 
Cut interfacing to the same size. 
*note you do not have to put interfacing on the pocket piece (9x6) but it will help with stability when holding heavy objects like a phone. 
Using the Hannah add on i blended the overlap hood width with the the standard hood. You can do this by cutting out both hood patterns and laying the standard hood on top of the overlap secure them together and then blend them together like this.
(Black area is from overlap hood to show added width)
Same idea with the projector just cut the bottom of the hood on the overlap. Readjust the pattern and cut the rest on the standard. 
Attach interfacing to the wrong side of both pocket and zipper facing per manufacturer instructions. 
Sew basting stitches along all 4 sides of the pocket piece. Make sure not to backstitch so you can remove these stitches later. 
Using a marking tool  draw a box in the center of your zipper facing that looks like this
Clip or pin facing and pocket right sides together lining up the long edge of your facing with the basting stitches on the long side pocket and centered. 
Sew along the box marked on the facing. Carefully cut the center line stopping at the tip of the triangles then cut to the points being careful not to cut the stitches sewn in the previous step. 
Pull the facing through the opening and press open. I like to secure the facing open with wash away wonder tape. But that is optional.
Lay the zipper so that the teeth  and pull are inside the opening. Clip, pin or tape in place. Sew around the opening using a 1/8" allowance. 
Trim the zipper so that it is inside the basting stitch line. 
Fold the corners of the pocket right sides together so that the basing line line up.
Then sew a line 90° from the fold.
Trim the corner to .25"  repeat on all 4 corners. Push the corners out. 
Now is a good time to remove those basting stitches.
Clip, Pin or tape the pocket to the center front about 2" from neckline. 
*Note: This is per preference but keep in mind if you place it too low it will bounce more when moving. 
Topstitch  at 1/8" from edge. 
Pocket is done!
Sew shoulder and side seams.
Press the hem up 1.5" and then find the center front. (I like to create a crease with my iron but you can mark however you prefer)
On wrong side of front, Place a scrap of interfacing about 1.5x1.5 along the hem crease and centered in the front. 
If you are installing grommets you can do that now placing them at .75" from hem and about 1" apart.  Alternatively you can make 2 buttonholes. 
Hem at 1.5" and thread drawstring. 
Sew the outer hood together along the long curve and repeat with the lining. Clip or pin the outer and liner right sides together at the center seam and sew. Turn right side out and press. Topstitch if desired.  (This is the same construction as the standard hood in the Hannah Add on pack. Feel free to refer to the illustrations in those instructions for further assistance)
Clip or pin the center of the bottom of the hood to the center back neckline. Clip or pin the hood around the neckline following the curves and not stretching. The hood will not meet in the middle. Sew the hood to the bodice. 
Clip or pin the rest of the neckline under 1/4"
Starting at one shoulder topstitch the hood seam down and the remaing neckline. 
Fold the sleeve hem in .5" and hem.
And she is done! Show off your Maggie in the SED Facebook group! 

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  • Debbie Randle on

    Cute top. Your instructions are really easy to follow. Thanks.

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