Hi, I’m Sonia! Owner and designer of Sonia Estep Designs. I’m married to my best friend and mother of 3 wild boys. When I’m not sewing you can find me somewhere outdoors. Fishing, camping, and baseball pretty much sums up my life as a boy mom! I fell down the rabbit hole into the magical world of pdf patterns during what seemed like an endless search for a very specific raglan. Long story short, I ended up making my own. Shortly after, I discovered my love and interest for designing my own patterns! And now I’m so excited to be able to share them with you!


Hi! I’m Danielle. I’m a stay at home Mom to two kiddos, a boy and a girl, that I homeschool. When I’m not homeschooling and my health permits, we work on our fixer upper home, go camping, and spend as much time outdoors as we can. I have several chronic illness’ and genetic issues that have impacted how I do things, but sewing has been my outlet through it all. My husband and best friend, fully supports my sewing obsession and my fabric collecting. Sewing has become such a large part of my life and I love to hack patterns, push myself to learn new things, and motivate others to sew. I feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of SED.


Hi, I’m Jodi! I’m a professional photographer and a mom to 3 awesome boys. I’ve been sewing since I was 9 years old and met Sonia through pattern testing a few years ago. I’m so excited to be a part of her team! I have two primary hats that I wear here at SED: I edit and process all the photos, and I run the website and backend technical “stuff” (newsletters, affiliate programs, etc). Thank you in advance to everyone who supports our team - I truly love being a part of it!