Frequently Asked Questions

I was a Sonia Estep Designs customer prior to September 2020.  How do I activate my account on the new website and access all my existing patterns?
All existing customers should have received a customer account activation email prompting you to set up your account on the new site.  But, if for some reason you did not receive that email, you can select the option to create an account - you will use the same email you used to order with us previously.  Please email us directly at if you have any problems accessing previous orders.  

Where do I download my patterns?
Click on My Account in the menu of our website, log in, then click My Downloads.

How do I assemble the patterns? 
How you assemble the patterns depends on which version you print.  Please see the the question right below this one (the difference between overlap and edge to edge) and then watch our youtube video about assembly here:

What is the difference between overlap and edge to edge? 
When you print the edge to edge pages they will butt up to each other but the pages will not overlap. You simply tape them together laying side by side. Some people like this method because they feel assembly is faster and the patterns can fold and unfold easily once assembled.

Overlap means that each page will overlap on another page during pattern assembly. Some people prefer this method because they feel it gives the pattern more stability once assembled. 

This is all personal preference! We have more details about printing and assembling patterns on our YouTube channel here:

How can I get individual help?
You can email us at